Update to PitchPeek coming soon!

I'm Jon Damon, and I made PitchPeek. I'm also a Google Trusted Independent Photographer.

3/26/15 - My plan for pitchpeek is going great so far. I put the first version of a javascript component up on github, so it's ready to start being used and tested. The plan below gives an overview of what I envision pitchpeek.com becoming.

PitchPeekJS (the javascript source code) is released under the Apache 2.0 license. You're free to use it commercially and charge customers for it, as long as my copyright notice remains intact with any source code you use. My choice of this license means that you accept this software as-is without support, and it also grants you patent rights on my code to prevent another company from making this proprietary. What that means is that a Google update can break the code, but as long as it keeps working you'll be able to use it without interference. I won't be required to make updates, but I do plan on using this with my own customers so a bonus update isn't off the table.

No more reliance on my website or my limited maps api quota, put it on your site, scale, and edit it all you want. (I'm giving up my analytics and usage stats, but that's unavoidable with OSS)

  • Freeloader-Level : If you know how to work with objects, object properties, object methods, and xml, you can figure everything out for yourself. There is a tutorial to help you get started.

  • Backer-Level : For a one-time fee, you get additional documentation and code samples, plus access to the OptionsWizard to quickly create complex tours without editing code. If you don't need the OptionsWizard or documentation, you can still become a backer to donate money for my efforts.

  • Early-Backers : Includes everything in the backer-level. Become a backer before pitchpeekServer is released and you'll be able to buy pitchpeekServer at a discounted price.

Purchase pitchpeekServer to install your own clone of backer-level pitchpeek on a php/mysql server. You can create a branded experience for your customers to login, edit, and create tours. This future project will come as a standalone web-based application, and could possibly include a wordpress plugin. (no promises, release dates tbd)

If you have pitchpeek tours right now, they will continue to be served by the current system. After pitchpeekJS is deemed stable, and it's been integrated into the rest of pitchpeek.com, all new tours will take advantage of the new javascript.

~Jonathan Damon